A Home-Grown Neurosurgeon Dubai Can Rely On

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Belushi, an eminent spine surgeon with a passion for minimally invasive spine surgery, has consistently demonstrated expertise in his field.

With over a quarter-century in neurosurgery, his accolades include a remarkable 4.8-star rating from his practice in Texas.

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Dr. Al Belushi's commitment to innovation is evident in his dedication to minimally invasive and robotic spine surgeries.

A trailblazer, he's credited with the Middle East's first robotic spinal operation. His multiple media features speak volumes about his surgical prowess. As a spine surgeon renowned for his expertise, he champions the future of spinal health, aiming to position the UAE as a leading spine hospital destination.

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    Rated 4.8 Stars by 100+ Patients Across Two Texas Practices

    As a testament to his unwavering commitment and unparalleled skills, one can glance at the glowing 5-star reviews from his tenure in Texas. These reviews, a snapshot of which will be provided below, echo the sentiments of countless patients who've experienced relief and rejuvenation under his expert care.

    Dr Abdulsalam Baker Al Belushi isn't merely a surgeon in Dubai; he's a source of knowledge & expertise for those in pain, a professional who commits himself to ensure that every patient walks out of the spine hospital with renewed vigor and a pain-free life. Entrust him with your spinal concerns and experience care, expertise, and dedication like never before.

    About Neurosurgeon Dr Abdulsalam Baker Al Belushi

    For those grappling with spine-related concerns, the name Dr Abdulsalam Baker Al Belushi resonates as an innovator in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery.

    A leading spine surgeon available to see in Dubai, he holds an illustrious track record that is backed by his dedication and expertise. Dr Al Belushi's experience and track record in spinal surgery positions him among the best spine surgeons not only in Dubai but globally.

    Having trained intensively in the field, he specializes in various spinal procedures, from addressing spinal deformities and spinal cord issues to intricate surgeries like anterior cervical discectomy and lumbar spine procedures. His profound understanding of spinal conditions, combined with his proficiency in minimally invasive spine surgery, allows patients to trust him with their spinal health implicitly.


    Dr Abdulsalam Baker Al Belushi's expertise transcends beyond the operating room. He's been featured in notable media channels such as The National newspaper and has made commendable appearances on Dubai TV. These appearances underscore his status as a trusted spinal surgeon in the region, cementing his place amongst orthopedic spine specialists who are sought after for their insights and knowledge.

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    A Philosophy Rooted in Patient Care

    Above all, Dr Al Belushi's approach to medicine is anchored in patient care. Every physical examination he conducts, every spinal issue he diagnoses, and every treatment option he suggests stems from a philosophy of prioritizing the patient's well-being. His approach to pain management, especially concerning back pain or pain caused due to disc diseases and herniations, reflects a commitment to ensuring the patient's speedy recovery with minimal discomfort.

    The Importance of Spine Health

    The significance of spine health cannot be understated, playing a pivotal role in our overall well-being and daily life. The spine is an intricate structure composed of vertebrae, discs, the spinal cord, and nerves, all working in harmony to provide support, mobility, and essential nerve functions to the body.

    At its core, the spine is the mainstay of our body's structural integrity. Without a healthy spine, tasks as simple as bending, turning, or even standing become laborious, impinging on our day-to-day functionality.

    The lumbar spine supports the weight of the upper body and ensures we maintain an erect posture, while the cervical spine provides the necessary mobility for our head and houses the arteries that supply blood to our brain.

    Poor spine health can result in numerous spinal conditions that can degrade one's quality of life. Back pain, one of the most reported medical complaints worldwide, often stems from issues such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and spinal trauma.

    The renowned medical journal, The Lancet, published an article in 2018 on the importance of paying attention to low back pain in particular, noting that it is a very common symptom.

    As we age, the wear and tear on the spine can lead to spinal deformities such as scoliosis or kyphosis. These conditions not only impact mobility but can also exert pressure on the spinal canal, leading to pain or nerve issues.

    Conditions like spinal osteoarthritis canΒ  also deteriorate the cartilage between the joints and the discs in the lumbar spine, leading to pain and stiffness.

    Ignoring or delaying treatment for spinal problems can have severe implications, especially in the later years of life. A lack of preventive care or early intervention can culminate in chronic pain, decreased mobility, and even the need for spinal surgery.

    Additionally, untreated spinal conditions can lead to other health concerns. For example, a misaligned spine can cause issues with blood circulation and can interfere with the essential functions of major organs.

    For those interested in further understanding the intricacies of spine health, renowned spine surgeons and orthopedic spine specialists often recommend reading materials from the North American Spine Society and the AO Spine Foundation. Maintaining spine health is not only about averting pain but ensuring an active, unhindered life.

    To sum it up, taking preemptive measures, consulting with a trusted spine surgeon, and seeking timely interventions can go a long way in preserving the health and function of the spine.

    Exploring Types of Spinal Surgery

    Spinal surgery doesn't just aim to treat spinal issues that arise from injuries, it can also help with treating common spinal conditions such as spinal tumors, spinal fractures, a herniated disc, degenerative disc diseases and more.

    Spine surgeons are continually evolving their techniques to offer the best treatment options for patients. When looking for a spine surgeon Dubai has a lot to offer, but the choice should always be a spine surgeon who chooses to implement an evidence based treatment plan.

    Spinal issues can range from herniated discs and spinal stenosis to more severe conditions like spinal tumors or spinal deformities. Let's explore the different types of spinal surgery and the medical reasons behind them.

    Spinal Fusion

    This is one of the most common surgeries recommended by spine surgeons. Here, two or more vertebrae are joined together, using grafts or metal hardware, to form a single, solid bone. Spinal fusion helps treat conditions like herniated discs and lumbar spine issues, offering relief from debilitating pain.

    Sagittal Balance: Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Supplemented With Posterior Instrumentation Allows Robust Creation Of Lumbar Lordosis And Improvement Of Sagittal Balance
    Surgery by Dr Abdulsalam to correct Sagittal Balance: Anterior lumbar interbody fusion supplemented with posterior instrumentation allows robust creation of lumbar lordosis and improvement of sagittal balance.


    Specifically focusing on disc issues, a discectomy involves removing a portion of a disc that presses on a nerve, causing pain. This procedure is beneficial for patients with herniated discs or disc herniations.


    Often performed to alleviate spinal stenosis, this involves the removal of the back part (lamina) of the affected vertebra. This procedure creates more space for nerves, thus reducing pain and discomfort.

    Anterior Cervical Discectomy

    A procedure where the herniated disc is removed through the front of the neck. This surgery relieves pain arising from the cervical spine, primarily due to herniated discs or other spinal conditions.

    Spinal Decompression

    Used to treat conditions like spinal stenosis or herniated discs, surgeons relieve pressure on spinal nerves by removing bone or disc material.

    The above procedures, recommended by expert spine surgeons, are decided upon after a thorough physical examination and considering the patient's unique spinal conditions.

    The Advent of Robotic Surgery & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    With technological advancements, the realm of spinal surgery has witnessed the emergence of robotic surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. Surgeons in Dubai, and globally, have adopted these techniques for their precision and reduced trauma to the patient.

    In minimally invasive spine surgery, spine surgeons make small incisions, causing less harm to surrounding soft tissue. Robotic surgery, on the other hand, employs robotic arms, offering spine surgeons improved visualization, precision, and flexibility during surgery.

    Benefits for Patients

    The inclusion of robotic and minimally invasive spine surgery in the arsenal of spine surgeons has been a game-changer for patients. These techniques often result in:

    Shorter Hospital Stays

    With minimally invasive procedures, patients can often leave the spine hospital faster.

    Efficient Pain Management

    Smaller incisions mean lesser pain post-surgery and reduced reliance on pain management drugs.

    Quicker Recovery

    Patients can return to their daily activities faster and require less physical therapy.

    Improved Quality of Life

    With precision surgeries, the chances of success increase, ensuring a better quality of life post-surgery.

    As spine surgery evolves, the focus remains on improving patient outcomes and reducing recovery time. With advancements like robotic and minimally invasive procedures, the future looks promising for patients with spinal issues.

    Advanced Treatments for Brain and Spine Conditions

    As a renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Abdul Baker stays at the forefront of medical advancements and utilizes cutting-edge techniques and technologies. He offers a wide array of advanced treatments for brain and spine conditions, including:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Neurosurgeons focus on surgeries related to the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves. While they do perform spine surgery, their expertise encompasses a broader range of conditions including brain tumors and spinal injuries. Spinal surgeons, often coming from an orthopedic surgery background, primarily address back pain, cervical spine conditions, and other ailments related specifically to the spine. You'll find specialized spinal surgeons in spine hospitals dedicated to orthopedic care.

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